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  • This year each team will be separated into two different groups; A and B.

  • Last summer was our second team summer camp. It was a lot of FUN, and some really good basketball was played.

  • We are extremely excited about the possibility of you and your team coming, and look forward to having a GREAT time!

braxten trying to dunk.jpg



Both gyms will have a concession stand running! The concession stands will have:

  • Drinks

  • Candy

  • Nachos

  • Pizza

  • Fried Pickles

  • Tender Basket

  • Shrimp Baskets

  • Fish Baskets

  • BBQ Dinner

  • Etc

Coaches, we will take care of you at the concession stand!


  • We will play a 22 minute half of basketball, with the clock only stopping under the minute mark. We will provide your team with basketballs so you do not need to stress over bringing any and having to keep up with them.

  • Each team will play a minimum of 3 games per day with certified officials.

  • You can play any defense; zone in the full or half court and also man in the full or half court.

  • We will also take the ball out on made baskets, I know some camps allow you to get it out of the net and go; we just think it’s best to keep it as close to real game action as possible concerning transition.

  • In case of an OT game, we will play 2 min in the first OT and 1 min for each OT afterwards.

  • Fouls, for each “shooting” foul or any foul starting at #7; your team will shoot ONE free throw that will be worth 2 points. For any foul while shooting a three pointer, the one shot will be worth 3 points.


Every team member will be receiving a T-shirt at the end of the camp!
*We will be providing everyone with basketballs so you won't have to stress about bringing your own*


$45 per player for all three days!

Registration For The Varsity Camp Is Now Open

June 17 - June 19

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